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Arabic text revers in Oracle report in PDF

Hassan R. Khan
Hassan R. Khan Member Posts: 419 Blue Ribbon


I have design a report on Oracle Reports 12c, in which I added some database columns the value in database is اسم امین الصندوق

It is appearing correctly in Forms, however when I execute report with dest_type ='PDF' , the pdf opens in Edge and shows the value as ن الصندوقیاسم ام

Font in Report is Arial

NLS_Lang settings for forms and reports are as under

  1. Add NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8 parameter in Windows Registry under all Oracle Homes, (DB and Develoer)
  2. Add environment variable NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8 in following files.
  3. Forms

in default.env file


  1. Reports.



To fix PDF format issue add following font entries under [ PDF:Subset ] in "uifont.ali" file 

The file is in following folders 

 [ PDF:Subset ] 

 # This example shows how to subset Arial True Type font into the PDF file 

# Arial = "Arial.ttf" 

Arial                                                      = "Arial.ttf" 

Arial..italic...                  = "ariali.ttf" 

Arial...Bold..                              = "arialbd.ttf" 

Arial..italic.Bold..           = "arialbi.ttf" 

"Andale Duospace WT J"           = "Aduoj.ttf" 

"Albany WT J"                           = "AlbanWTJ.ttf" 

"Arabic Transparent"      = "artro.ttf" 

 1. c:\app\MiddleWare\user_projects\domains\base_domain4\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\reptools1\tools\COMMON 

2. c:\app\MiddleWare\user_projects\domains\base_domain4\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\reptools1\guicommon\tk\admin 

3. c:\app\MiddleWare\frcommon\templates\tk\config 

4. C:\app\MiddleWare\tools\common (If file does not exist in this folder then just copy the modified file here) 

 After that input all above 4 locations in registry REPORTS_PATH 

 Registry entry 

Old value:  

REPORTS_PATH= C:\app\MiddleWare\reports\templates;C:\app\MiddleWare\reports\printers;C:\Windows\fonts 


New value: 

REPORTS_PATH= C:\app\MiddleWare\reports\templates;C:\app\MiddleWare\reports\printers;C:\Windows\fonts;C:\app\MiddleWare\user_projects\domains\base_domain4\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\reptools1\tools\COMMON;c:\app\MiddleWare\user_projects\domains\base_domain4\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\reptools1\guicommon\tk\admin;c:\app\MiddleWare\frcommon\templates\tk\config;C:\app\MiddleWare\tools\common