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Using map drive with rwclient with Oracle Reports

user6532048 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

I am using Oracle Reports.

When using network path to run the rwclient, it is fine.


rwclient.bat server=rep1 report=\\server01\temp\test.rep desformat=pdf DESTYPE=file DESNAME=\\server01\temp\test.pdf

However, If I map that into a drive.


rwclient.bat server=rep1 report=O:\temp\test.rep desformat=pdf DESTYPE=file DESNAME=O:\temp\test.pdf

It returns REP-0110: Unable to Open File, but I had put those paths in the read/write list.

Is there a way that I can use rwclient with a map drive?



  • Suresh Sangaran-Oracle
    Suresh Sangaran-Oracle Member, Moderator Posts: 352 Employee


    UNC paths usually are restricted due to the security nature of Oracle Report.

    1. Added <folderAccess> element in rwserver.conf file
    1. Add this line to setDomainEnv.cmd script in $DOMAIN_HOME/bin directory

    NET USE O: \\server01\my_directory /user:<userid> <password>


    • O: – is the mapped drive letter
    • \\server01\my_directory – is the root of remote file system
    • <userid> – name of user authorized to connect to remote file system.
    • <password> – password for <userid>

    then you can use O:\file to access files within my_directory

    Thanks, Suresh

  • user6532048
    user6532048 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

    I did add the drive from file explorer, I can access the new drive in the file explorer.

    Is that I also need to add "NET USE" in setDomainEnv.cmd?