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Error "[Method writeChangeLogs]: Unescaped trailing backslash near index 1"

user-hans_1493106 Member Posts: 19 Blue Ribbon

Hi all,

I have upgraded my sqlcl to 22.3.1 (released last week), but when I use the "lb -generate-schema" command I get an error

[Method writeChangeLogs]: Unescaped trailing backslash near index 1


Any suggestions how to solve this?

Thnx in advance.

Abner Bessi Goncalves

Best Answer

  • Steve Muench-Oracle
    Steve Muench-Oracle Member Posts: 5,468 Employee
    Answer ✓

    I've verified that this issue was reported and assigned bug number 34731627. In the internal release candidate for 22.4 that I'm testing internally, I've validated that the reported issue has been fixed. My understanding is that the SQLcl team aims to release 22.4 by end of calendar year 2022, but the actual release date may vary from this stated goal.