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lb generate-schema not writing controller.xml

user10310346 Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon


I have been looking at the new sqlcl 22.3.1 There are several issues which I will raise separately. Wondering if anyone else has come across them or I am doing something stupid.

lb generate-schema does not seem to produce a controller.xml as expected. It does produce a table xml. The command also has shows an error at the end which may be related.

[Method writeChangeLogs]: Unexpected internal error near index 1


When I generate the controller manually I still get the above error

I am running sqlcl on Windows



  • Mohamed Heba
    Mohamed Heba Member Posts: 14 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 30, 2022 4:56PM

    I have same problem. I expected to have all objects exported when executing command lb generate-schema but i can see only one file for one sequence created. all my schema objects not there, i have many tables, packages, procedures, sequences and other objects.

    at the end of execution i can see statement "Unescaped trailing backslash near index 1".

    I also created a table and re-executed "lb generate-schema" command. it didn't include this new table and regenerated the same xml file for same index only.