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forms production application. Which https port is recommended to use?

juliojgs Member Posts: 615 Silver Badge


we are planning the deploy of a forms app with weblogic 12c.

Once installed and preconfigured weblogic and forms and domain, and uploaded the application compild files , tests with http 9001 port are working fine.

Then we configured ohs1 to serve forms (forms.conf file), so connection with http 7777 also work.

We are waiting for the server certificate to import in the wallet, and make it all https. Once https is working, we intend to disable http (weblogic console would go to 7002)

I see standard ohs https port is 4443.

Now my question:

Should we use this 4443 port in production to serve our application? Is it common practice? Or we would change it to 443 or any other?



  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 7,493 Employee

    You can use any port you want as long as it is not already in use by another listener on the same machine. That said, using common ports like 443 can make the user’s life a bit easier since common ports like 443 are automatically assumed when used with a matching protocol (https in this case). However, some orgs like to use non-standard ports purposely in order to make the listener less likely to be found.

    Again, which port you use makes no difference to the software. The choice is yours.

    Michael Ferrante

    Senior Principal Product Manager


    Twitter: @OracleFormsPM