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Correlation between Parent and Child ESS Jobs in ERP Cloud Scheduled Processes

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to find the link/correlation between the job Ids of Parent ESS Jobs and Child ESS Jobs in Oracle Fusion Scheduled Processes?

Problem Scenario-

In ERP Cloud we have several ESS Jobs that trigger child ESS jobs to complete the orchestration. For Example- 'Create Accounting' triggers 'Create Accounting: Subprocess', 'Post Subledger Journal Entries', 'Post Subledger Journal Entries: Subprocess' etc.

We have another case of 'Load Interface File for Import' where the child jobs can be easily identified using the below query.

select * from ess_request_history where absparentid=<parentEssJobId>

Do we have any similar approach that would help identify the Job Ids of child processes for standard ESS jobs like 'Create Accounting', 'Initiate Payment Process Request' etc.

Thanks in Advance.