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Is there a current equivalent to the -split option for generate-apex-object?

User_5T3AS Member Posts: 6 Green Ribbon

Hi, I'm following Shay Shmeltzer's blogs (e.g. to set up a git for Apex using Visual Builder Studio. I've got a build working which includes the line of code below (in line with the attached blog):

Lb generate-apex-object -applicationid {my app id} -skipExportDate -expOriginalIds -dir {code dir}

This all works, but I've had to omit the -split option which used to be possible with the 'genobject' command. When the option is included (either with 'genobject' or 'generate-apex-object') I get the error 'The supplied parameter "split" is not a part of command'.

This is important because it should allow me to version control individual pages within Apex Applications. At present, it just exports the entire application as a single .xml file.

Happy to provide any details that might help, thanks in advance.


  • Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
    Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle Director of Product Management for Oracle's Cloud Development Tools Posts: 16,879 Employee

    One option to explore is to use the apex command instead of the lb command in your SQLcl step.

    Try using

    apex export -split

    as the build step

    Use help apex to get a full list of the commands offered as part of sqlcl apex integration

  • User_5T3AS
    User_5T3AS Member Posts: 6 Green Ribbon

    Thanks Shay, for anyone's future reference this seems to work:

    apex export -applicationid <app id> -exptype application_source -skipExportDate -split -expOriginalIds -dir code