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Forms to Apex conversion Interactive Grid column and another region column alignment

RajeshAlex Member Posts: 111 Red Ribbon
edited Nov 23, 2022 3:04PM in APEX Discussions

Hi All,

Doing a conversion from Oracle forms to Apex and we are using Interactive Grid in place of forms data block. Many of the forms has 2 data blocks or more . Most of the times second one is a summary block showing the total of the columns in the first block.

In Apex I have first region as a interactive grid and second as a regular region. However the total of the columns are not aligned to the first region.

Is there anyway I can align an interactive grid columns with another region columns ?

Couple of thoughts

1 Change the interactive grid to regular region

2 Can interactive grid show the totals at the end of the columns?

3 Any other thoughts?

I am using APEX 22.1.0. I worked in APEX long time ago when it was HTMLDB. Now getting back to Apex

Thank You

Best Regards