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Alignment of the Query Results grid, can it be changed?

User_9JU42 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi Everyone!

The default alignment of contents in the Query Results grid makes it difficult to read and understand the values displayed, especially when a numeric column is located left of an alphanumeric column.

If the alphanumeric column contains numeric characters in the left most positions, the different alignment on text and numbers cause the numeric column to be right next to the numeric part of the alphanumeric column, and that makes it more difficult to read than most other editors.

I recently started using SQL Developer and I find it great for the most part! but the query results section feels like it can definitively be improved, maybe you could even throw in different fonts/colors for numeric and alpha columns, but please keep the same alignment on all columns or at least add more space in between columns so it's more readable for those weak-sighted as yours truly.

Thank you very much!