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DML Scripts (like insert commands) for tables

544232 Member Posts: 90
edited Nov 15, 2008 12:43AM in Forms

Please help me find a solution for the problem.
I have nearly 100 master tables in my database with data.
My requirement is to generate DML script for 'Data' in this master tables.

Client need data of all master tables in DML format.(like insert commands); So they can simply execute it. How do this requirement

How can I do that?


  • Mark Reichman
    Mark Reichman Member Posts: 624 Bronze Badge
    This is not an Oracle Forms question for this forum... However,

    Do you have tools like...

    1) TOAD
    2) PLSQL Developer
    3) SQL Navigator
    4) SQL Developer

    Use the export features of these tools.. They will generate the insert scripts that you desire.


    Contact your DBA.. They have tools..


    export and import
  • 544232
    544232 Member Posts: 90
    Actually i am developing a form application which display all tables of the database on form and when i check on any table it will create a DML Script (like insert commands) for the table if any utility exist in oracle plz share with me.

  • user346369
    user346369 Member Posts: 4,217
    edited Nov 15, 2008 12:43AM
    Well... it is time to plug my old QA utility form:

    <P>QA inserts, updates and displays data in practically any Oracle table. It runs in Forms 6i and on the web in 10g.

    <P>Source code is available if you need it.

    <P>QA: Quick Access Form

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  • 122352
    122352 Member Posts: 401

    I am using two ways:

    - Oracles SQL Developer (right click on the data grid & create insert script)


    Hope it helps,
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