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Anyone used Quadralay Webworks with Oracle Help?

I'm an expert Quadralay Webworks user looking at creating a template for Oracle Java Help.

Has anyone out there tried this? Would you be willing to share some tips?

I've already created/customized a Webworks Java Help template so I generally know what I'm doing. Just wondering if there are any surprises I should look out for.

Any help greatly appreciated!



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    89524 Member Posts: 13

    The Oracle Help has not authored help using WebWorks, but we have heard about this process from both internal and external consumers.

    You can use the templates for JavaHelp or MS HTML Help that are included in WebWorks. With both, at least, I know you can then utilize our Oracle Help authoring wizard, import the MS HTML Help TOC and keyword index files and then generate the helpset (in the case of JavaHelp this is already available) and full-text search files.

    One gotcha with WebWorks is that it doesn't automate the generation of the Oracle Help map file. You will have to make this by hand. We know that WebWorks has looked into an Oracle Help template. You might try contacting them to see if it is available.


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