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OHJ4.1.16 Repainting Problems and 100%CPU on java 1.4


We are considering using OHJ4.1.16 as our application help, I have it working such that when the help is invoked either from the toolbar or the menu OHJ is displayed, but there are major repainting problems when the OHJ window is closed by clicking on the X button and then the help is invoked again from the toolbar or the menu item.
Please note that the first time it displays and paints fine only when the OHJ frame is closed and invoked again the problem occurs

The problems encountered are repainting(really whacky), 100% CPU utilization
Please have a look at the code below and tell me if i am not doing it right, Also is there anyway i can trap events on the OHJ frame so that i can dispose it everytime the window is closed by the user??

The following code is executed when the help is invoked

public void startHelp()

public static void launchApplication()
String helpset1 = "/resources/help/Test.hs";
Vector booksVector = new Vector();

if(m_instance == null)
m_instance = new ApplicationHelp(booksVector);

we are using java 1.4, the above problem makes OHJ unusable!!


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    312396 Member Posts: 165
    Hi, John. We're trying to reproduce your problem. If you run any of the OHJ 4.1.16 demos in the bin directory of the installation, do you run into the 100% CPU utilization problem? If so, how? The cshDemo.bat file creates a dummy application that has an OHJ deployment, so please test that one in particular.

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    358672 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Ryan

    I just put in a fresh build with no changes to the code and jar file and everything works just great, I am stumped, I am going to follow this very closely and let you know if the problem occurs again

    Also could you let me know when a java 1.4 certified version will be released??

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    312396 Member Posts: 165

    We intend to release the JDK 1.4 certified OHJ 4.2 in late November. Of course, we won't be able to fix whatever odd problem you encountered unless we can reproduce it, so please keep us posted about it.

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