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Status check

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edited Jun 21, 2007 5:12PM in Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
I know Oracle has been working for a while to deliver improved support for Oracle within DTP. As of Eclipse DTP 1.5RC0, Oracle support is minimal at best.

Are Oracle's planned features for DTP integration comparable to the feature set currently offered within SQLDeveloper including XMLDB support, PL/SQL debugging, etc?

Does Oracle plan to contribute its DTP integration code to the DTP Enablement project at some point or will Oracle distribute its integration code via some other means?

What are the timeframes for delivering improved support for Oracle within DTP?


- Ron


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    We have just announce the availability of the Oracle Database Plugin for Eclipse Data Tools Platform. You can download it now.
    We have also posted a statement of direction. You can review that <a href="
    We are currently looking into PL/SQL debugging support, and are looking forward to input from our user community on what features they would like to see.
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    Thanks for sharing your statement of direction. I think Oracle's direct participation in DTP will benefit both the Oracle user community and the DTP community.

    I am most interested in seeing improved support for XMLDB implemented in the Oracle plugin. Specifically, this includes the ability to view registered schemas and to view the contents of XML tables and columns.


    - Ron
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