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Heterogenous replication hint needed

Good time of day! Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience in Oracle, I'm a pure .NET developer. I have a heavy loaded system, running under MS SQL Server. Okay, I know, that system cannot be treated as heavy loaded, if we deal with Microsoft, but I have no alternatives :)
I'm trying to track changes in some table, stored under MS SQL control, and then propagate these changes to some table in Oracle database. Changes should be tracked as they occur, and attempt to understand, that they happened, by using timers of some sort in not acceptable to me. I use MS SQL 2005 and Oracle 10g. I had made a publication from MS SQL table, but I have no idea, what shall I do to let Oracle know, that there are some publications from some MS Server, and it should subscribe to them :(
So, I want to teach Oracle to subscribe to MSSQL publications. Is it possible?
I heard something on Oracle Streams, but never played with that thing.

Any ideas are highly appreciated, thanks! :)

Alexey Kosenkov
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