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Dynamic BLOCK Display

594488 Member Posts: 292
edited Nov 15, 2008 12:45AM in Forms

I want to know if this option is do able, with code?

here's the scenario:

1) user enters the form.
2) select what he wants to SEARCH for (radio button).
3) Then a block will be drawn (displayed) in the form bassed on what he selected.

Now, when I code the form, I would define the BLOCKS needed.

Is it possible (with the help of SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY) to display (draw) the block that the user selected?

Thanks in advance,



  • 450441
    450441 Member Posts: 2,525
    Sounds like this is a job for.... Stacked Canvases!

    Put each block that might be selected on a different canvas, and SHOW_VIEW based on the radio button.

    Although most design philosophies would suggest that if you're querying different sources, maybe you need to be in different forms.
  • 594488
    594488 Member Posts: 292

    I'll give this a try.

  • 594488
    594488 Member Posts: 292
    The problem is that I have TABS. How will this work with STACKED canvases?

  • 450441
    450441 Member Posts: 2,525
    You can put a stacked canvas on top of a tab quite happily - indeed, it's recommended in some cases - when you query on a tabbed form it gets all the data for all the tabs. If you use stacked canvases for the tabs contents, it doesn't retrieve them until the canvas is displayed (i.e. the tab is selected - an extra line in WHEN-TAB-PAGE-CHANGED to SHOW_VIEW)
  • user346369
    user346369 Member Posts: 4,217
    edited Nov 15, 2008 12:45AM
    Marc, I have a form that does that -- you select a table, and it builds a block for every column in the table, like a spread sheet. You can then display and update the data.

    <p>Here is the web site describing it:<br>
    QA - Quick Access utility form.

    <p>Some of the web site documentation has not been updated, but it works perfectly with Forms 6i and 10g, with dbms versions 8, 9 and 10.

    <p>If you want, I can send the fmb. Just email me (address is in my profile).

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