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Transactions and COM+

285751 Member Posts: 8
Does ODP.NET cooperate with the Transactions supported by COM+ ?

If not, are there any plans to do so?

( The idea is to use ODP as part of a software product which leans heavily on the servides offered by COM+. So I would need to have something like

1. COM+ transaction starts
2. Existing code executes
3. ODP.Net Code with Oracle executes -- new code.
4. Existing code executes and throws exception
5. Entire thing rolls back ( COM+ does this ).

Any chance?

Thanks in advance.

ABB, Inc.


  • 3004
    3004 Member Posts: 204,171

    Yes, the beta version of ODP.NET does support COM+ Transactions. Given that ODP.NET and OraMTS (Oracle Services for MTS) are installed properly and the OraMTS service is running, your serviced component should be able to enlist in a distributed transaction and commit/rollback.

    Which exception/error are you running into?


    - nari
  • 3004
    3004 Member Posts: 204,171

    The current version of ODP.NET does not support array binding. We are planning on providing this feature in the next beta release.


    - nari
  • 285751
    285751 Member Posts: 8
    The error/exception I was referring to was any error our software might encounter, not something Oracle-specific.

    Thanks for the answer I was hoping for :-)
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