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Text Search Indexer for Japanese

I have been creating OHJ help set in Japanese and having a trouble with a .idx file for full-text searches generated by the OHJ Text Search Indexer.

As the "Using the Text Search Indexer" topic in the ohguide.hs manual instructed, I was able to generate the .idx file. But the number of words and phrases to matche is very limited in comparison with English text.

Is this a normal behaivor, or is there any way I can improve the number of matches?

Thank you for your support,


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    Are you using the Japanese Indexer? The Japanese Indexer uses the Java BreakIterator to identify "words" in
    Japanese. Development has also added some additional processing on top of that to handle some additional breaking up and indexing for certain writing systems.

    For details about the Japanese Indexer, see

    Summary: Change the parameter on the command line from


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    Yes, I use the Japanese Indexer.

    Maybe it's simply because Japanese is one of the hardest languages to create an index file for!

    Thanks for your help anyway!
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