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Standardizing on current OHJ

I recently installed 4.1.15 and so far it seems to be running fine, including fixing a few obvious bugs from 4.1.12 (the flickering scroll bar, for example).

My group is currently using 4.1.12 (somewhat standardized) and is not aware of 4.1.15. Is it safe to standardize on 4.1.15 now, should I wait for 4.1.16 (when does that come out?), or should I wait for 4.2?


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    hey Michael

    4.1.16 was released on 10/18/02
    it does take care of some of the bugs in 4.1.12 specially the about box exception and the 100% cpu utilization on java 1.4


  • The 4.1 branch is our stable production branch, and the
    4.1.16 release has fixes needed to certify it on JDK 1.4.x.

    We've since encountered another problem due to a change in
    JDK 1.4, and we have released OHJ 4.1.17 with a fix for it.
    It should be on our website this week.

    OHJ 4.2.0 will be the first release in a new branch, and
    will be a beta. This 4.2 branch will see the introduction
    of new features (that have been detailed in previous postings).
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