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Skinning and JavaScript Support

I'm not sure if OHJ is this advanced yet, but one of the main alternate Help technologies I have been strongly investigating is eHelp's WebHelp. We are trying to deliver cross-platform Help (UNIX and Windows) and WebHelp claims this support this option. The problem is that eHelp's implementation of java script is not W3C compliant (home brewed?), which of course IE handles just fine, but Netscape simply chokes.

So, we are sticking with OHJ, which displays fine on UNIX and Windows. Is it possible to skin the OHJ interface, similar to the way WebHelp uses java script to apply skins?

Also, are there plans for DHTML tools in OHJ? I'm think of when you apply DHTML effects in RoboHelp and then display your topics in OHJ.



  • The DHTML effects that RoboHelp can generate into topics makes
    use of Javascript libraries that exploit some Internet Explorer
    only features (for at least some of the effects). OHJ doesn't
    support Javascript (Oracle hasn't licensed the Javascript module
    for the embedded ICE Browser yet), so their DHTML effects aren't
    supported in our system. Even if we did support Javascript,
    many of the IE only effects wouldn't work in our browser.

    Note that whatever Javascript you want (including RoboHelp's)
    should work in Oracle Help for the Web, which just uses the
    end user's browser (IE/Netscape) to display the help topic HTML

    The user interface of Oracle Help for Java is a Java Swing
    toolkit interface. The Java Swing toolkit has support
    for pluggable look and feels (actually one of our demos
    shows Oracle, Metal, and Windows look and feels). We
    don't plan on making the OHJ user interface skinnable
    (i.e. providing bitmaps for buttons, etc), but it is
    possible that there is skinnable Swing look and feel
    out there that you could use with OHJ.

    As a side note, we do plan to make the Oracle Help for the
    Web user interface more customizeable in future releases.
    One method we are considering, is making the user interface
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