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Sujoy Member Posts: 305 Bronze Badge
edited Jul 5, 2013 2:33AM in Reports
What is the SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT') and srw.user_exit('FND SRWEXIT')
required in Before Parameter Form Trigger an After Report Trigger?

Thanks in advance,


  • Ade2
    Ade2 Member Posts: 285
    The SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT') is used in AOL report and is used to setup your user profile. If you are in a muilti_org environment, this ensures that your report display data from the user's organization and this is set in Before Report Trigger. You call SRW.USER_EXIT in after report trigger to make sure that all the memory allocated for AOL is freed up.
  • dbudd
    dbudd Member Posts: 16 Blue Ribbon
    In eBusiness Suite R12 (release 12), the SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT') call must be made in the after parameter form trigger, and not in the before report trigger. If this is not done, your Oracle Reports will not output any data from multi-org striped synonyms such as PO_VENDORS.

    We had several custom reports that worked fine under R11i, when migrated to R12 they didn't output any data. We made the change to where the SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT') call was made from (change from before report trigger to the after parameter form trigger) and then the reports work fine again.

  • 693989
    693989 Member Posts: 6
    I tried placing SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT') in after paramaeter form it still didnt work, any idea as to why this didnt work?

    Initially i had placed it in before parameter it still dint work, any clues as to which all profiles it checks?
  • Jaya9275
    Jaya9275 Member Posts: 46
    May be you need to add P_CONC_REQUEST_ID user parameter!

  • 672129
    672129 Member Posts: 12
    edited Feb 26, 2010 8:30PM
    No, you should always place the FND USERINIT in the Before Report Trigger and not in Before/After Parameter Trigger.

    Edited by: Jithendra on Feb 26, 2010 5:30 PM
  • 792234
    792234 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Guys,

    We can use srw.user_exit('FND SRWINIT') in AfterParameter Report or Before Report Trigger, Report will works fine. You Must define P_CONC_REQUEST_ID Paremeter.

  • luv kumar
    luv kumar Member Posts: 5
    In case of R12, Its necessary to add 'SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT')' in after parameter form, otherwise somtime you will get output and somtime not.
  • Najib_Asif
    Najib_Asif Member Posts: 6
    edited Jul 8, 2013 7:35PM


    If you will be using it in .rdf program understand the sequence of 'Program Unit' in Report trigger which it kick's of

    1. Before Parameter Form

    2. After Parameter Form

    3. Before Report.

         - This where you add the code

              srw.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT');

          This will hold in memory all the user related information and profile values

         Example uses on user values in the report to display after add the above code will be;

                  srw.message(406, fnd_global.user_name);

                  srw.message(407, fnd_global.resp_name);

    4. After Report

        - This is where you add the second set of code

              srw.user_exit('FND SRWEXIT');

             - This code will clear the memory. however you still have the capability to display user related information. Example;

                  srw.message(406, fnd_global.user_name);

                  srw.message(407, fnd_global.resp_name);

    Must add user parameter (P_CONC_REQUEST_ID)

    Above has been tested in Report Builder 2000 and Report Builder 10g.

    Try it and let me know your comment

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