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What is the Solution of REP-1216

585979 Member Posts: 5
edited Mar 5, 2009 12:37AM in Reports
I am getting an error REP-1216, related to illegal printing option. I have added a field and I would like to show the value on the last page of report. I have made the Print Object On as Last Page and Base Printing On as Anchoring Object. Nothing is working.
--- It's urgent...Can anybody help??? Thanks in advance...


  • shishu
    shishu Member Posts: 223
    Check the place of that column or function which is giving problem, if it is function column you can also create one placement column and through that function pass that value in placement column and print this column out from that frame.

    Shishu Paul
  • 621446
    621446 Member Posts: 50
    edited Feb 5, 2008 3:02AM
    Pls also check on frame and item vertical / horizontal elasticity.

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  • 658140
    658140 Member Posts: 4
    I had the same problem and just solved it. Perhaps it's too late to answer, but anyway, here's the solution that worked for me, for anybody who needs it...

    It's all about anchors. Objects cannot have a property of Print Object On "Last Page" or "All but last page" if their Base Printing On property is "Enclosing Object". In order for it to work, you should anchor the fields or frames you want displayed on "all but the last page" to the main frame which holds the Repeating frame of the detail section of your report. Then, you should set the Base Printing On property to "Anchoring Object" and now you're ready to use the "All but last page" and "Las Page" options on Print Object On property.

    If you want more detail, check out Report's help on "Print Object On" and related topics, that's how I figured it out.

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