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FRM-41351 Cannot navigate out of current form

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I user Designer 6i and Forms 6i (patched to patch 9) and Headstart 6.5 to generete forms and menus in client server mode.

I have generated two forms. Form A is calling form B using a button (created via calling module functionality in designer) on form A. When i use the button on form A to go to form B, exit form B again and then when i exit form A i get the message FRM-41351 Cannot navigate out of current form.

I have checked metalink and it seems to be a known bug (nr. 871936) raised in apr-99 (??????). I can't find a solution at all. It is not listed in the patch-lists. It seems that this is still an open bug? Can someone help me with this??? Maybe someone had the same problem and managed to create a workaround!!!


Louk Dirken


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    I also logged a bug for this some weeks ago (2211453) and here is the workaround :
    1) Set the preference NAVCCF=NO for the calling form
    2) Copy the code generated by Designer and comment out some lines
    below the CALL_FORM statement : := to_number(name_in(':global.CGNV_child_form'));
    IF(CGNV$.nav_close_forms = TRUE) THEN
    set_group_char_cell(gc_parent, rowcount, 'WINDOW');
    END IF;
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    158037 Member Posts: 3
    Okay! This is a solution, but then my form is not 100% generated from Designer.

    Is there a way to influence to code generated by Designer during the generation process. Change templates of whatever? Maybe this piece of code is somewhere visible in a way i can change.


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    Why shouldn't your form be 100% generateable ?

    Generate your form without the corrections. Open the form and locate the code in the when-button-pressed trigger.

    Now go back to Designer and locate the button that calls the other form. Create the when-button-pressed trigger if needed and override the part "Perform Navigation for selected action item" with the code you located in Designer.

    Now comment out the lines I mentioned above and you have a 100% generateable form without the FRM-41351.
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    I also use a method given by Vincent.
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    158037 Member Posts: 3
    Okay guys, you are right. This will give me 100% generated code.
    I will do it as you have described!!


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