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xml report output in excel format without using options tab in EBS

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edited Oct 7, 2008 10:41AM in General XML
How to get xml publisher report output in excel format without using options tab in EBS?
I am getting XML Publisher report output in excel format by using options tab while submitting the concurrent request .
But i want to get excel output automatically.
Can anyone give idea to get XML publisher Report output in excel without selecting options tab.

Thanks in advance
Sandeep V


  • 599062
    599062 Member Posts: 97

    you can change the format in the Concurrent Program Define...

    Navigation is Responsibility - System Administrator

    Concurrent - Define - Enter the Name of Concurrent Program

    Change the Output format to XML and save it.

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    Hey Sandeep,

    I am working on a similar format for a report and if possible can you please give me some guidelines. I have initially created reports using XML Publisher, but for those , the output preview format was PDF. So, if I select the preview format as EXCEL will it give me output in Excel and for this to happen, how do I define the rtf template. I believe the working will be same as for PDF, create a rdf report, get output in XML and apply the template to get the data in Excel or there is something different to this.

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    Hi Sunil,

    This option of defining the output format to be only EXCEL does not exist.
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    552855 Member Posts: 13
    I got the solution for this. Define the report as you do for PDF output. And for Excel output, while submitting the program, in the layout, change the format to Excel and you will get Excel output.
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