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LastDialogtext does not show the whole file path

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edited Jul 15, 2008 9:49AM in QA/Testing
I am tring to get the file path for a dialog using rswapp.LastDialogtext. The value returned is shown as "M:\Regression_Tests\...\ASDERV.xls". The actual file path is "M:\Regression_Tests\SA!\SA Reports Test\ASDERV.xls". How can I get the full file path?


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    edited Jun 27, 2008 3:14PM

    how is the dialog generated (jvascript, VBscript, .NET etc.)?

    Thank you,

    Eugene Ginzburg
    QA Engineer

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    647505 Member Posts: 5

    I created a javascript dialog displaying exactly the same text "M:\Regression_Tests\SA!\SA Reports Test\ASDERV.xls" and LastDialogtext returned the entire path.
    Is there anything specific about your dialog or the application under test?
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    644275 Member Posts: 15
    edited Jul 15, 2008 9:49AM
    I am not doing anything really different when I am trying to capture that dialog. The dialog is generated when I press a button and tries to create a report. Before showing it in that dialog, it displays three other common IE dialogs Save, SaveAs and Close. All those are dismissed using Dialog Manager. This dialog is finally closed by clicking the X on the dialog. I am checking for its path before it closes using LastDialogText, which is not shown completely.

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