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Instructions needed for importing a RoboHelp - Oracle Help file

Please provide instructions for importing a RoboHelp, Oracle Help file into an Oracle 8 software application.
Thank you,
Jennifer Byrne


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    The Oracle Help Guide documents how to program applications to support Oracle Help. Have you looked at it? The Guide is included with the downloads of Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) and Oracle Help for the Web (OHW) and you can also find it directly on OTN at

    But I'm not sure I understand your question completely. What do you mean by "import" the help into the application? I assume you are referring to programming the application to integrate the help into it; hence my suggestion to refer to the Oracle Help Guide, above. But perhaps I'm missing something. Also, what kind of application do you have? Is it a Java application?

    Ben Gelernter
    Oracle Help Technologies
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