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Problems reading jar file from web

I am (almost) running the OHJ as a JApplet inside of an Oracle Forms application via a Bean Area item and wrapper class; however, I am having difficulty opening the helpset file assigned to my helpset object. I keep receiving a permission denied error. I am using the jar:file: structure to reference the helpset file from within the jar, but I am not sure if an applet can find a specific jar file located on the server. Originally I was going to display the OHJ on a Bean Area item on a canvas in my form application; however, in the process I accidentally created another applet controlled by forms but can be manipulated and displayed independently of forms. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Eric Weiss


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    I forgot to mention that when viewing an html page referencing the applet directly through appletviewer, XWindows session, the helpset file loads fine. I believe the real problem is when viewing the applet through a browser, I don't have permission to look through the jar file. Thanks again.

    Eric Weiss
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    Hi, Eric. We're not sure just what the source of your problem is--it's probably got something to do with the JVM on the client machine trying to examine a jar on the server. You may want to try putting the applet inside the same jar as the helpset. Or you can just remove the helpset from the jar to begin with, and things should work just fine.

    You can see examples of how OHJ can be used as an applet by unzipping the help-demo-version.jar that is installed with OHJ. We ordinarily don't advertise this since we don't really recommend using OHJ as an applet anymore, but there are some demos in which OHJ is used as an applet. You'll have to compile files such as in order to view the demos (which means you'll have to put some the help jars on your classpath).

    In order to correctly run the applet in AppletFrame.html, you'll also have to copy the discoverer helpset and all related files into the "helpset" directory at the same level as the html files that create the applet. If you examine AppletFrame.html, you'll notice that it references the file helpset/discoverer.hs. The discoverer.hs file and its associated content is in the demodoc/discoverer directory of your OHJ installation, so just copy all the files in that directory in the helpset directory next to files such as AppletFrame.html.

    In case what I just wrote isn't clear to you, to run the applet demos, your files should be structured like so:

    OHJAppletDemo.class (You must compile this class)
    d30urus3D_View_command.html (from <OHJInstallRoot>/demodoc/discoverer)

    Hopefully the demos might give you some idea of what's going wrong with your deployment.

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    The file structure didn't post like I hoped it would. To clarify,you should have


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