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Install oracle 10g server visible to a particular user.

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edited Aug 26, 2008 4:18AM in Database Installation
Hi All,
I want to install oracle 10g which is visible only to my user id. I want the installation to be completely hidden to other user account on the server machine. In a way no one else should be in a position to access any of the tools of oracle server. However isqul plus should be readily available to anyboby.


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  • 247514
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    The Oracle installation should be done using umask 022, which will leave no other regular users has any access to Oracle installation. Except, one in dba group or root.

    Please also note, isqlplus is depreciated in 11g.
  • 597517
    597517 Member Posts: 3
    I am really unknown with umask 022. Please elaborate on using umask 022. Is umask 022 a software or a part of oracle installation.
  • Sabdar Syed
    Sabdar Syed Member Posts: 1,881
    UMASK is an Unix/Linux environment variable, which will set the default permissions whenever a file is created on Unix with the permission you set with UMASK.

    To understand more about UMASK Environment variable, please take a look at the below URL.

    Sabdar Syed
  • 597517
    597517 Member Posts: 3
    I want the installation to be done on windows XP then what should be done???
  • Sabdar Syed
    Sabdar Syed Member Posts: 1,881
    What's the problem in installing the Oracle 10g on Windows XP?

    If at all, you want to restrict users to not to connecto the database you installed and created, do not share the database userid and passwords or add/remove the OS Users from ORA_DBA and ORA_OPER Groups.

    Check the below link to do so.

    The Operating System: Some important groups on Windows

    Sabdar Syed,
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