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Add a Digital Signature to email sent from an APEX Application

Simon Gadd
Simon Gadd Member Posts: 598
edited Sep 1, 2008 5:17AM in APEX Discussions
Hi Folks.

Can anyone advise how we could go about digitally signing our outbound emails?

Anything that could be configured within APEX? Or would it have to be configured on the email server being used to transmit the emails?

Couldn't find anything relevant on the forum/documentation.

Any pointers appreciated.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Simon Gadd


  • John Edward Scott
    John Edward Scott Member Posts: 5,475 Gold Badge

    I'm pretty sure it should be possible, but might involve a bit of pain.

    I would be tempted to look at having your mail server do it automatically instead, as that should probably be a pretty easy route (although of course you'd need quite a restricted environment to ensure that other apps in your environment didn't have their mails auto-signed if you didn't want that).

    John Edward Scott
  • Simon Gadd
    Simon Gadd Member Posts: 598
    Hi John

    Many thanks for your 'Helpful' answer. Have five points! :-)

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