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Deployed jar is broken

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edited Sep 1, 2008 3:20PM in JDeveloper and ADF

I'm having severe difficulties deploying my application correctly. Everything works like it ought to when run from within JDev (, but once I deploy as a jar there's components missing from the GUI - apparently with little method to which components. The app is a simple client administration tool, and what functionality is left seems to be in order.

I realize that this is very vague, but I'm not sure of which information I could provide, that would be helpful here.

I haven't modified the default settings of the jar profile, except of course to point out the main method (well, I did try various things - but to no avail).

Any and all suggestions as to reading and/or next steps is most welcome!

Thanks in advance,
Tobias, Denmark.


  • Frank Nimphius-Oracle
    Frank Nimphius-Oracle Member Posts: 29,689 Bronze Badge

    i your JAR contains other JARs then it is not guaranteed that the classloader resolves these. You can add libraries to the dependency analyzer when creating a JAR file, in which case only the classes they contain are added to the JAR. Alternatively, don't make the JAR files part of your JAR but configure them in the classpath of the target machine

  • 618227
    618227 Member Posts: 6
    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the tip - I'll need it for JavaMail, but for now the project dependencies are null and void.

    That can't be it - I fear it's something far, far more moronic :-(
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