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Referencing Items in a Tabular Form (Updateable Report)

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edited Sep 2, 2008 8:24AM in APEX Discussions
Problem 1:
I'm having difficulty to populate one Select List Item depending on other Select List Item value in HTMLDB Tabular Form (Updateable Report). It has been a long time I'm trying this.
So if anybody having any idea on how to do this, pls post it. It will be highly appreciated.

Problem 2:
Also is there any method to find out which rows are getting updated in Tabular Form? , while updating one or more records.

Thanks in Advance.

-Sudipta Gupta


  • Hi,

    Have a look at:
  • 611580
    611580 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks iellen, Thanks a lot for this. But it seems that i need to learn some sophisticated ajax or javascript for this. ;)

    Can you give any idea on identifying all rows which are getting updated while i'm updating one or more records in the report?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I found an example for you

    Kind regards,
  • Denes Kubicek
    Denes Kubicek Member Posts: 6,163 Bronze Crown
    If you want cascading select lists in a tabular form, there is no way arround javascript and ajax. See this example:

    Also, for knowing which records get updated you should use checksum. I have a number of examples regarding this issue here:

    Denes Kubicek
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