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simple import of xml file to database

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edited Sep 5, 2008 6:18PM in JDeveloper and ADF
It has been a while since I coded in java. I know I could hand code a simple java app which imports an xml file into an oracle db but I was wanting to see if there is any easier way to do it with Jdeveloper, something which takes care of the grunt work for me. Note, I do not need jsp, etc. for the app just a simple plain java app. Is there any doc describing this?


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  • 470068
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    Use Oracle XML Developer Kit 10g

  • avrom
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    Hmm...if you use a style sheet to transform the file into standard view object notation, you could import it into an appropriate VO using the method ViewObjectImpl.readFromXML(). My guess is that the standard notation won't be too hard to transform things into; use your favorite XML output solution to output the result of ViewObjectImpl.writeXML() (it's a Node) so you can see the pattern.
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    It's also one of the options (if you want to use ADF BC). Here is an example:

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