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About Free Navigation in data block's Item

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edited Sep 11, 2008 5:12AM in Forms
Hello every one.

I'm using Forms 9i and oracle 9i database.

Case : I'm making a form in which table i'm using having all fields declared as NOT NULL
in forms required property of each item is set to yes.

After running the form i can't navigate within the fields unless theres something entered in it.

i tried setting the required property to no it makes navigation but it don't check for empty fields then and error comes only after it is posted to database.

what i wish it to be like i can freely navigate in fields taking care that they are declared not null in database
and that i can stop sending the data to database if any of them is left empty

Best Answer

  • Tony Garabedian
    Tony Garabedian Member Posts: 3,375
    Accepted Answer
    you have 3 options with "Defer Required Enforcement" "Yes", "No" and "4.5"

    No is the default.

    If set to "Yes" the Enforcement will take place upon committing of the form and the you can move freely within the items. But in this case WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM triggers will not fire until saving the form.

    If set to "4.5" you will be able to navigate freely AND the WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM triggers will fire when the item is validate even if the item is empty. This will be useful if you have calculations that you need to perform.



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