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Compent Export Error

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edited Sep 15, 2008 11:06AM in APEX Discussions
Hi everyone --

I'm trying to export three components, a page and two authorization schemes, using the Component export. I can add the components to the export list fine and get to the page where you choose your format type, but when I click the Export Components button, the application returns the following error:

ORA-01722: invalid number
Error exporting page.

This has worked in the past, I was able to export the same components using this method yesterday. I can also export the page using the export icon when in the page definition.

Has anyone seen this before or know where I can start looking to troubleshoot it?

Leigh Johnson
Fastenal Company


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    Leigh - If you can put your application on, I will try it there and see what I can figure out. What version of Application Express are you using?

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    482478 Member Posts: 69
    Scott --

    Thank you for the reply...We are currently using version on an Oracle 10gR2 database. I will try to post the application to the hosted environment as requested, but it will be the first time I have done so, so be prepared for further questions...or if you guys have a document outlining the how's and "gotcha" that would be good too.

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    482478 Member Posts: 69
    Scott --

    I'm totally confused usually doesn't take much especially on a Monday morning. I was able to export the three components without errors today. We have been seeing an extraordinarily high load on the system due to other testing and development going on. I'm wondering if the load issue may be related, though I don't see exactly how that could be.

    Anyhow, I've attempted to upload my application to the hosted site numerous times now. It is a large application and is timing out during the install. I removed some of the pages and security functions, but it appears I probably removed too much, since I'm getting an Oracle error when installing now.

    As the problem is intermittent, even in my environment, I'm going to guess that the issue isn't in APEX, but rather something in my environment.
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