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Encoding of Arabic text

623758 Member Posts: 109
edited Sep 29, 2008 8:45AM in SQL & PL/SQL
Hi All,

i have a oracle database 9.2, it contains a table with arabic text of datatype char. as im new to oracle im not able to view the data in arabic format, im getting the output in symbols. so how to i view the data in arabic format from my table.



  • Gurjas
    Gurjas Member Posts: 1,190
    What is the characterset of the database?
    You can view it with sql developer.

  • 623758
    623758 Member Posts: 109
    i dont know how to check the character set in oracle as im new to it, any way it way the default one. please tel me how to check it. and there is only one table with arabic text rest all other tables data is in english format.

  • 623758
    623758 Member Posts: 109
    hi singh
    this is the character set for my DB WE8MSWIN1252
  • Dom Brooks
    Dom Brooks Member Posts: 5,560 Silver Crown
    I'm not sure that WE8MSWIN1252 contains any arabic characters seeing as the WE stands for Western European and the MSWIN1252 presumably for the Windows 1252 codepage.

    In which case, what you are storing is not genuine arabic characters. Therefore it's likely that you can only view this through the application as it only makes sense to the application. Outside of the application, it's effectively gobbledygook.

    I have come across such a situation previously where an application did something similarly crazy and to translate the garbage that it inserted into the database (via a reverse process of the following) the application a) took the UTF8 stored converted it to Unicode, applied Windows codepage 1252 to the byte stream of that and then to the the result of that applied codepage 1251. This was the cyrillic alphabet ... for the application at least. To everyone else, garbage

    If you had genuine arabic character representation - which it sounds like you don't - then you'd need a client that supported that characterset and then have the relevant local settings applied.
  • Dom Brooks
    Dom Brooks Member Posts: 5,560 Silver Crown
    See related post here:
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