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Is it possible to synchronise offline XE/APEX data with central repository?

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edited Sep 30, 2008 8:43AM in APEX Discussions
We have an APEX application which would be more beneficial to users if they could enter some of the data onto laptops, disconnected from any network, and store it locally. We would then need to synchonise that data with a central repository once they connected to a network that could see the central database (Oracle EE). The data would need to flow in both directions and be a true synchronisation within certain rules (eg older data being removed from laptop version).

Is this possible between XE and EE?

What technologies would need to be employed?

Oracle Lite is not an option, because the ApEx app is fully developed and quite complex.

Thanks in advance!



  • YourNameHere
    YourNameHere Member Posts: 776
    As all apex pages are stored in the database then without having some version of Oracle installed then I'd have to imagine not.
  • Scott
    Scott Member Posts: 975

    I know of one site that is doing this, but they have EE on the laptops as well so that they can use some of the more advanced database replication features. I do not know of the details or the specifics, but have seen it in action and it does work. It is not a simple problem to solve, as there are a number of variables that you will need to deal with, as you can imagine.

    Could you not install a wireless cellular card on all of the laptops and have them connect to a central APEX/Oracle instance that way? Sure, it may be slower and not 100% reliable as service is still spotty depending on where you are, but it is a much cheaper solution and is extremely simple to implement.


    – Scott –
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