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URGENT: Java stored procedure on oracle 92 database is not working

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edited Oct 10, 2008 2:37PM in General Database Discussions

I am having an issue regarding java stored procedures. I have created a java class that uses the bouncycastleprovider ( bcprov-jdk13-141.jar ) to encrypt strings. I tested against the version of the java virtual machine that comes bundled with oracle and it works perfectly. I then used JDeveloper to load the class on the database with the resolve, noverify and order flags checked and it shows no errors but when I try to execute the stored procedure it throws the following exception:

java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot set up certs for trusted CAs: no protocol: US_export_policy.jar
at javax.crypto.SunJCE_b.<clinit>(DashoA6275)
at javax.crypto.Cipher.a(DashoA6275)
at javax.crypto.Cipher.getInstance(DashoA6275)
at RijndaelEnhanced.encrypt(
at RijndaelEnhanced.encrypt(

I loaded jce1_2_2.jar, sunjce_provider.jar, bcprov-jdk13-141.jar. Also replaced the US_export_policy.jar, local_policy.jar with the unrestrictive version. I add the security provider dinamically with a call to Security.insertProviderAt(new org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider(), 2);

I also did a select on the user_objects table and all the classes are in VALID status.

When I run my application using the java virtual machine that is located under C:\Oracle\oracli9i\jdk\jre\bin directory it works fine but when I try to execute on the database it won't work. I found a bug that was if the jce1_2_1.jar file existed in the C:\Oracle\oracli9i\jdk\jre\lib\ext directory ( even if it's extension is renamed ) it won't work because the certification file had expired but I don't know if this has anything to do with this error.

Am I missing something?

Please I need an urgent solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.
Bruno Oliveira


  • 664350
    664350 Member Posts: 8
    Hi useless programmers,

    I solved this myself after a very long period of time of suffering. As I can see all of the people that often uses this forum are beginners or should not be a programmer. This is why Oracle sucks so much and I really hope I never EVER have to use java in oracle again. The solution to this problem will die with me, so maybe everyone else that have the same problem make the same conclusion and drop Java and Oracle forever.

    So my conclusion: Java and Oracle SUCKS. .NET and SQL Server are much better.

    Later, suckers!
    Bruno Oliveira .
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    As I can see all of the people that often uses this forum are beginners or should not be a programmer
    Guess what, mr useful programmer ?
    you've been posting to the wrong forum and some of us might wonder if you are a programmer ...
  • 664350
    664350 Member Posts: 8
    If that is true, why NOBODY ever said anything about it? This is very nice...

    If you are a programmer, you know that when you are under pressure, you want everything to be easy to access, and this site is so poorly designed that I couldn't find anything that was related to java stored procedures in oracle, so I posted in the general database forum.

    Just to everyone who thinks I am not a programmer please visit this link:

    Yes, I did that application and yes I did it alone in 2 weeks so SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  • 26741
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    Firstly you post to the wrong forum. There are other developer and JSP forums.

    Secondly you expect others to reply to you. Forums members are volunteers and are NOT paid to reply to you. BTW, what has your contribution been to so far ?

    Thirdly you have the supreme arrogance to think that we should care about an application that you have developed.

    Fourthly, your language is abusive.

    Fifthly, it is a surprise to me that you might actually be getting paid for work you do with that attitude.
  • 664350
    664350 Member Posts: 8
    Sorry for the abusive language, you are right.

    But I am still waiting for an answer to this question please. You have an opportunity to prove your knowledge.
    Please show me I was wrong.

    Bruno Oliveira.
  • 26741
    26741 Member Posts: 4,923 Gold Trophy
  • 664350
    664350 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks but I would like to hear a response from you. Aren't you the expert, the very good programmer?

    Well never mind. I think that even if I payed for an answer I wouldn't get it from you.

    NOTE: That answer should be posted when I posted it the first time.
  • Nitin Joshi
    Nitin Joshi Member Posts: 788
    Why dont you understand that this is NOT a proggamer's forums.most of the users here are Database adminitrator.
    you have different forums as Hemant has suggested. also you've already solved your problem then why this non-sense?
    looking at your behaviour, i doubt DBAs on this forums would help you,even if they know solution.

  • 664350
    664350 Member Posts: 8
    The issue I had was more a database problem than anything else. What I think is bad here is that you guys didn't redirect me to the appropriate forum when you already knew that and I was really being pressured for a solution at the time.

    I think you guys need to be on my situation to understand what I said. And after all that I still think that Oracle and Java have really, really bad problems that should make everyone that knows something to get away from these tecnologies.

  • SomeoneElse
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