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Oracle XE default username / password

631319 Member Posts: 28
edited Jul 3, 2012 10:13PM in General Database Discussions
Hi all,

An instance of Oracle 10g XE had been set up for my team a while back by a previous employee. Unfortunately, he left without telling us the username / password that he had set up for the database.

Is there a default username / password (that has DBA privileges) that we can use to get into this XE database, or are we looking at removing this database and re-installing it?




  • Surachart Opun
    Surachart Opun Member Posts: 1,662
    Can you login on your server?

    If yes, what OS

    If Linux/Unix

    export ORACLE_SID=XE
    export ORACLE_HOME=<Oracle_XE_install_path>
    sqlplus / as sysdba

    SQL> alter user sys indentified by <new_password>;

    SQL> alter user system indentified by <new_password>;

    If windows

    set ORACLE_HOME=<Oracle_XE_install_path>
    sqlplus / as sysdba

    SQL> alter user sys indentified by <new_password>;

    SQL> alter user system indentified by <new_password>;
  • 631319
    631319 Member Posts: 28

    Though, it turned out to be easier than that. One of the START command options for Oracle XE (windows) is to run 'Run SQL Command Line'. Once I got there, I connected as SYSDBA as you suggested. I altered the user, and we're back in business.

    Thanks for your help,

  • OBIGuy
    OBIGuy Member Posts: 16
    I logged into the server machine and executed the following on the Windows command prompt:

    sqlplus / as sysdba

    However, I am getting the following error message - ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.

    I also tried the "Run SQL Command Line" utility, but not sure how to log on as SYSDBA at the SQL prompt there.

    Could someone help me with this?

  • 752163
    752163 Member Posts: 83

    Once you set the oracle_sid then type sqlplus sys as sysdba then it will ask you the password,give the password for sys user.

  • OBIGuy
    OBIGuy Member Posts: 16
    Hello Khaja, thats the very issue. I do not have the SYS password. This instance of OracleXE was setup few weeks back by some one else, and he is not around now. So this very exercise is amied at resetting the SYS password somehow, so that we can use the XE instance.
  • shakilshaikh
    shakilshaikh Member Posts: 119
    shutdown the database and create the password file . but for this you need to login using a user with DBA group .
  • 832007
    832007 Member Posts: 1
    Hi peeps,

    OS - windows server2008
    oracle - client 10g Express Edition + Oracle DB 10g express edition

    I've tried to run sql command >

    1) start DB
    2) run sql ...SQL > connect system/system
    0RA-12560 TNS : Protocol adapter error.

    I figured that I've totally forgot my username./pw , so i tried the following .

    alter user system identified by system ;
    SP2-0640: Not connected.

    Please advice.
  • Hi, For each and every unexpected behaviour/error see the installation logs at C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\config\log. It will tell what went wrongs during installation.

    In my case, it shows some thing related to windows events are full. I cleared all the events, de-install oracle and re-install. Everything is perfect.
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