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Item will not fetch values

JasperA Member Posts: 149
edited Oct 13, 2008 4:58AM in APEX Discussions
Hi all,

I have a number of fileds on my page that are entered with user-input. Then, I have one hidden-protected field that is composed of 2 concatenated values from another field, so that I can use this field in the automatic row update process.

However, this composed field does not always (sometimes it does..) fetch the data from the user-input fields, so then month and year are left blank in the composed field and I get an ill formed date (01-- instead of 01-10-2008). A part of the debug shows that the user input fields are filled with data, but the composed field does not fetch the data (see bold parts):
0.01: A C C E P T: Request="CREATE"
0.01: Metadata: Fetch application definition and shortcuts
0.01: NLS: wwv_flow.g_flow_language_derived_from=FLOW_PRIMARY_LANGUAGE: wwv_flow.g_browser_language=nl
0.01: alter session set nls_language="DUTCH"
0.01: alter session set nls_territory="THE NETHERLANDS"
0.01: NLS: CSV charset=WE8MSWIN1252
0.01: ...NLS: Set Decimal separator=","
0.01: ...NLS: Set NLS Group separator="."
0.01: ...NLS: Set date format="DD-MM-RR"
0.01: ...Setting session time_zone to -05:00
0.01: Fetch session state from database
0.02: ...Check session 4402719362367456 owner
0.02: ...Metadata: Fetch Page, Computation, Process, and Branch
0.02: Session: Fetch session header information
0.02: ...Metadata: Fetch page attributes for application 21436, page 5
0.02: ...Validate item page affinity.
0.02: ...Validate hidden_protected items.
0.02: ...Check authorization security schemes
0.02: Session State: Save form items and p_arg_values
0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_ID" - saving same value: ""
0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_VS_ID" - saving same value: "10"
0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_VERBRUIK" - saving same value: "370"
*0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_MAAND" - saving same value: "10"*
*0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_JAAR" - saving same value: "2008"*
0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_USER_ID" - saving same value: "241"
_0.02: ...Session State: Save "P5_MAAND_OPNAME" - saving same value: "01--"_+
0.02: Processing point: ON_SUBMIT_BEFORE_COMPUTATION
0.02: Branch point: BEFORE_COMPUTATION
0.02: Computation point: AFTER_SUBMIT
0.02: Tabs: Perform Branching for Tab Requests
0.02: Branch point: BEFORE_VALIDATION
0.02: Perform validations:
0.02: ...Item Not Null Validation: P5_VS_ID
0.03: ...Item Not Null Validation: P5_VERBRUIK
0.03: ...Item Not Null Validation: P5_MAAND
0.03: ...Item Not Null Validation: P5_JAAR
0.03: Branch point: BEFORE_PROCESSING
0.03: Processing point: AFTER_SUBMIT
0.03: Show ERROR page...
0.03: Performing rollback...
To compose the P5_MAAND_OPNAME field I do the following:

Source type: Database column
Source value or expression: MAAND_OPNAME (name of the db column)
Default value: '01-'||:P5_MAAND||'-'||:P5_JAAR
Defaukt value type: PL/SQL expression

Is this not the right approach? It should work and it does occasionaly, but more often it doesn't...


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