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issue: adf faces components duplicated in displaafter partial trigger event

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edited Oct 15, 2008 8:28PM in JDeveloper and ADF

I am baffled by what I observe in the JSF page I am developing, and would appreciate your insight.
I am new to Jdeveloper, but I worked with adf faces before.

I have a form to create a new record, and it has two SelectOnceChoice components along with other InputText components.
The first selectOneChoice component has a valuechanged listener bound to a backing bean.
When a value change event is fired, the backing bean method dynamically populates second SelectOneChoice component, whose
partial trigger is set to the first selectOneChoice component.
This part works well.
The form has CREATE, COMMIT, ROLLBACK buttons, and new records do get successfully created.

The problem is that after the record is saved and when the page is refreshed, another component table below the form - whose iterator is different
from the input form component - gets displayed twice, and it won't go away from that point on.

The view page source shows that the duplicate tables have different ids.
And, I can navigate rows independent of each other.
I have not encountered such a behavior before.

If the partial trigger is not fired, this does not happen.

I would appreciate insight from anyone.


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