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Compiling JAR File Loaded into Oracle 10g

I have loaded a JAR file into my Oracle 10g database using the following command-line:

Loadjava -force -oci8 -order -resolve -schema "MYSCHEMA" -user "USER/[email protected]" -verbose "JarFile.jar"

Unfortunately, after loading the JAR contents, the resolution of the individual files never completes. The process runs for >24 hours. Is there a better way to complete this task? I have even tried compiling portions of the JAR file via Toad, but it appears the recursive nature of the dependencies causes the process to essentially hang.

Unless the JAR files compiles successfully, I can load my Java source code but my resulting Java stored procedures cannot compile because of my import references to the JAR file. My java code was compiled for JDK1.3 using JDeveloper to eliminate conflicts with the Oracle JDK (JDK1.4). Is there a setting or a flag which would allow compilation of my source code without compiling the JAR file to utilize the Oracle JIT compiler?

Any assistance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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