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Automatic Row Processing and Error Message handling

666614 Member Posts: 104
edited Oct 23, 2008 3:07PM in APEX Discussions
I am quite new to the world of APEX (3+ weeks) and have a question I can't seem to find an answer to. I have pages in my application that are linked to, they save data to the database (via <strong>Automatic Row Processing</strong>) and then link to another page automatically (thanks to a posting in this forum). However, when the page encounters an error when trying to write to the database (trying to insert a duplicate row), I don't know how to catch the error and display a message and link back to the original page. I see that the <strong>Automatic Row Processing</strong> process has <strong>error messages</strong>, but I don't know how or where to test for the presence of these errors/messages so that I can modify the process flow. Can someone help?



  • gorddanmilojevic-JavaNet
    gorddanmilojevic-JavaNet Member Posts: 556 Bronze Badge
    Hi user10082485,
    If u using APEX Wizard need select tables(created with pk, trigger and sequences)
    into FORM for INSERT dates into (selected) tables (with button CREATE generated with APEX wizard)
    All working good!
    Automatic Row Processing process has error messages when u add new column into tables, or change some default settings
    or something else, try using apex step(buger).
    Try again creating SAVE form.
  • Denes Kubicek
    Denes Kubicek Member Posts: 6,163 Bronze Crown
    See these examples:

    and search on exception and validation in my demo application. There are couple of examples on that issue with related forum threads.

    Denes Kubicek
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