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HOW TO Export Entire Page Report, Not Just Regions, To CSV or Excel?

mjhamilton Member Posts: 295
edited Nov 4, 2008 2:29PM in APEX Discussions
I need to export a main report (Page 2014) that consists of 5 different regions (Name, Feature, States, Admin Areas, and Maps), as one CSV file.

I know that I can set each of the 5 different region's report attributes to export by enabling the CSV output to Yes.

But , since my main report (Page 2014) has these many regions, I end up with 5 different CSV files.

There is no attribute to set for the main report (Page 2014) to enable it to export as CSV output.

How can I get an all-encoompassing CSV file of the main report (Page 2014)?

Thank you in advance,



  • mjhamilton
    mjhamilton Member Posts: 295
    Just for the record....I did check out Denes's page with the code to export to excel:

    Which is some awesome work. But, it looks like it, also, is for exporting a page's region to excel, not an entire page with all of the regions.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

  • Arie Geller
    Arie Geller Member Posts: 4,186 Gold Trophy
    Hello Maggie,

    >> How can I get an all-encoompassing CSV file of the main report (Page 2014)?

    This might be possible using the advanced print server configuration, with BI Publisher, using the same technique that is being used to print master-details reports (which is a type of a multi-region report) - . The standard print server configuration only supports reports with a single region. If you have BIP in your organization, that’s great. Otherwise, CSV files don’t warrant it.

    The only other option, I can see, is to create the CSV file manually, using the technique described in the following Blog entry, by Scott Spendolini - .

    Arie Geller
  • mjhamilton
    mjhamilton Member Posts: 295
    Thank you, Arie, for responding to my question.

    Yes, I forgot to mention that BI Publisher is not available where I work. And there are no thoughts towards its purchase. :o(

    So, maybe I can figure something out with the information that you have pointed me to at Scott Spendolini's site.

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