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Search Highlighting & Back Button

I am using Oracle Help for the first time and have some basic questions. We are using the default ICE browser.
1/ Search strings aren't highlighted. Can they be?
2/ The Back button always returns you to the previous page even when you last selected a link that took you elsewhere in the same page. Can the Back buttons return you to the previous position in the same page?


  • We've got existing enhancement requests logged for both of
    your requests (which I agree are very useful). We recently
    added the Find dialog to the Help Topic Window so that you
    can search within an HTML topic, but search terms are not
    automatically highlighted when opening a topic from the
    Search tab of the Help Navigator window.

    Also, the reason that the back button does not track
    same page links, is that the version of the ICE Browser
    we are using doesn't notify OHJ when someone clicks a
    same page link. Hopefully, when we upgrade to a later
    version we can implement this feature.
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