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Potential Branding Problem


I am having a problem with the branding in OHW.

I am configuring the ohwconfig.xml file with the following element:

<brandingImage source="head_logo.gif" shortDesc="Help" />

and placing a copy of head_logo.gif into the directory along with the ohwconfig.xml file.

When viewing locally there is no problem but when viewing over the network the image is not displayed.

On closer inspection the source of the branding html frame is as follows.

<img src="file:/C:/Program%20Files/Apache%20Tomcat%204.0/webapps/robohelp/helpsets/./head_logo.gif" alt="Help" border="0">

Am I configuring the system incorrectly, or is this a bug?

Thanks, Adam


  • Adam,

    You're not doing anything wrong, at least not according to what's documented. The problem is that OHW is not making the branding image accessible by an HTTP URL -- it's putting an IMG tag with SRC equal to the URL specified in ohwconfig.xml. So, the workaround is to put a URL in ohwconfig.xml that's accessible by clients -- ie, an HTTP URL. Assuming that the OHW instance is set up in a fairly normal fashion, i.e., if the ohwconfig.xml is in the helpsets directory and the image is there as well, the product branding image should be set like this:

    <brandingImage source="http://server/ohw/helpsets/productBrand.gif" shortDesc="desc" />

    Actually, the URL can be anywhere, but whatever is put in the "source" parameter must be an URL that you can type directly into a browser and see the image.

    We'll work to fix this--at least we'll update the doc!

    Oracle Help team
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