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performance comparison

14542 Member Posts: 13
Are there any comparison's from Oracle regarding the difference in performance between Odbc, OleDb, and ODP.NET?



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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171

    By design, OPD.NET (a native data provider) should provide better performance than OLE DB .NET Data Provider. OLE DB .NET Data Provider internally uses an OLE DB Provider where as ODP.NET does not. This means that ODP.NET uses less layers/components in the call stack which should provide better performance.

    Our in-house performance tests does show performance gains when ODP.NET is used over OLE DB .NET Data Provider with OraOLEDB. However, since there are no standardized performance tests for data providers, we are unable to provide any "official" numbers.


    - nari
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    14542 Member Posts: 13
    I have been doing some testing using the sql insert command and I am seeing a 10-20% performance improvement over using the 9ir2 oledb driver within the .net framework.
    I would like to do some tests with selects to retrun data, but I am looking for a good command to implement and i don't want to get caught in an indexing issue.
    does anyone have any suggestions?

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