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Receiving Email in Oracle

305818 Member Posts: 1
edited Nov 14, 2008 1:58PM in SQL & PL/SQL
We all know how to send email from PL/SQL, but is there any way to receiving mail via PL/SQL in Oracle?


  • Andreas Weiden
    Andreas Weiden Member Posts: 10,871 Gold Crown
    you can write a "mail-reader" in java, deploy the needed classes to the database and write a pl/sql-wrapper around it. I did it some years ago, but don't the source-code. google for "read mail using java mail"
  • Satyaki_De
    Satyaki_De Member Posts: 7,081
    Other than Andreas Weiden said you can place this read mail java based pl/sql function or procedure inside an oracle jobs or schedular and it will run within 1 mins or something like that and you will geta flavour of general mail client like Thunderbird, Windows Mail or something like that.


    Satyaki De.
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