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cx_Oracle dosen't work with Thin Client

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edited Nov 30, 2008 12:38AM in Python
Is there an alternative to the Fat- & Thin-Client installation to get cx_Oracle running.

I would like to tell my custommersomething like "install Addon XY in addition to the Thin-Client akording to the Oracle Vresion you are using."

I Know of the possibility to enhance a Thin-Clinet installation by copying certain files and folders from the server.
But our Application should work for manny custommers, with different Oracle-Versions. And we just can't expect a DBA
to let him do all needed Steps to get cx_oracle running.

Anny Idea?


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    Just ideas...
    [Easy Install|]?
    Using DistUtils to build the extension with a script that check the oracle version for you?
  • 548651
    548651 Member Posts: 5
    well yes I could,
    but then I end up with one Versions per APP - Version and Oracle Version. => hard to mannage

    Second is I'm not sure if all needed dll's are free for redistribution.

    I would like to be as independent as possible regarding to the Oracle Version.

    but if nothing else helps... <:o|

    thanks for the idea annyway

    I'm still hopeing for something I can tell the DBA/Sysadmin to install on the client according to its Oracle Server Version.
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    edited Nov 17, 2008 5:49PM
    AFAIK with the same cx_Oracle's source code you can build versions for different oracle's clients (at least in my experience it always asked me my $ORACLE_HOME and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the handles different oracle's version). It might work with 9i, 10g and 11g (I wouldn't risk to talk about 8i).
    Besides that Oracle instant client is free to distribute (see here) so you can bundle it with your code. I can imagine it would be pretty easy to build it in *unix although I'm not sure bout Windows -for lack of experience with that particular OS-.
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    548651 Member Posts: 5
    Great, thanks
    I'll have to check this out
    but the link to the instant client download page could be what I was seraching for :o)
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    You are admittedly struggling with these deployment issues. I'd like to suggest stop struggling and follow Mariano's advice and check out how deep the rabbit hole really is. What you are perceiving as problematic in all actuality exists by design. By going the next step and discovering why it is so you will gain an advantage by learning something.

    ps In fairness for the cs_Oracle developers, I took the liberty of updating the subject of the thread :-)
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