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Does OraOLEDB allow filtering on ADO recordset?

Hello guys,

Here is my problem:

I have a connection opened like this:
cn.Open "Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;OLEDB.NET=true;PLSQLRSet=true;Password=" & Application("password2") & _
";User ID=" & Application("username2") & ";Data Source=" & strDSN

I'm reading some data into a recorset and I want to filter it:
Set rs = cn.execute(some SQL querry)
rs.Filter = "GROUPNAME like 'GMPMPRO%'"

I'm getting this error:
Provider error '80004005'
Unspecified error

Can anyone tell me what should I do?

I mention that I'm using Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release and that prior to switching on OraOLEDB I succesifuly used this connection:
cn.Open strDSN, Application("username2"), Application("password2")

Thank you.
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