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Form does not display or paint unless you resize the browser window

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edited Dec 3, 2008 3:54PM in Forms
We have a form that was developed by a vendor and installed on our server running OAS Forms and Reports Services Originally the form opened up in a "pop-up" but displayed as a very very tiny window at position 0,0 on the screen. You would then have to either know to resize this tiny window every time or hit the maximize button on it, it was very cumbersome to use and our users will not be able to work with it very well. Also if the user closed the parent browser window, it would close this applet window as well.

So 2nd option is to just switch back to embedding the applet inside of the parent browser window. I modified their custom webutiljini.htm and now have this working pretty well. Using the methodology supplied in patch 5017052 I was able to get past the "Click to activate this control" issue.

The only problem is that once the applet is fully initialized and the form should be displaying on the screen, the browser window is white. But if you resize the browser window, all of the sudden it appears! So it's almost like the form is not displaying or painting within the embedded applet unless you resize the browser window.

I've tried to pull strange tricks with Javascript like manually resizing the browser window after a time period. But this option does not work very well as I cannot seem to find a good trigger to tell me when the form is finally ready to be used.. so I have to "guess" on a time and if there is a delay then the script does the resize too early, and the user still just sees a blank white screen.

I've also debugged the script and stepped into the embedded object to find any kind of method I might be able to use to repaint the form. I found many good sounding methods, like repaint(), paintAll() etc but none of them seemed to actually do anything when I executed them.

Has anyone else ever ran into this issue? Is there a good way to get around this problem? Or is there a good hook I can use to determine when the form is finally being displayed and ready to use? I have tried the isActive() method, as well as evaluating the .object.Active property, but it seems to be set to true when the applet has initialized but the splash screen still has not displayed or the form still has not been loaded.


  • Andreas Weiden
    Andreas Weiden Member Posts: 10,871 Gold Crown
    if you use separate frame (as you did first when your window was minimized) the Popup-window will have the same size as the applet in the html-window from which the Applet is started. For that you have two chances:

    Adjust the hright and width-parameter in the formsweb.cfg to a larger value (but in that case you will also get an "empty" area of that size in your html-page).
    Resize the form on startup using SET_WINDOW_PROPERTY.
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