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Viewing WriteToLog Output in Load Testing

Todd.Xu Member Posts: 50
edited Dec 16, 2008 10:54AM in QA/Testing
Hi there,

I'm tuning a etest script in load testing tool, when developing it in functional test tool, I planted a few lines of "RSWApp.WriteToLog" code to do some variable tracking, and it worked fine in functional testing tool. However I can not find the log when I run the script with load testing tool. Is there any means by which i can access them? (I didn't find an answer within eload manual.)

Thanks a lot,


  • IHodgetts
    IHodgetts Member Posts: 264

    I asked a similar question of support and got the following explanation:

    RSWApp.WriteToLog writes to e-Tester's results window. Since Nav. Editor and eLoad don't have that window, nothing can be written.
    If you want to write some data in order to create a custom log, you would need to write data to text file.

    Quite how you write to a different (text) file I don't know. I presume there is a different function for that, but am awaitng a reply.

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